Nominations must be received by 4 pm Sunday 31 March, 2019.


All nominations must include:

- A statement of nomination (150 words max):

A brief statement detailing why you are nominating this initiative; including a summary of the project/initiative and organisation and how the project came about (a version of this statement will be used in the finalist booklet). If preferred, nominees can make a short (5 minutes max) video including a statement of nomination & responding to the award criteria.

- Responses to the Award selection criteria of no more than 200 words per criteria:

1. Demonstrated engagement with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people during the development and implementation of the initiative (40%)
How did you engage and work with members of each community? How were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people involved in decision making? Did you partner with supporting organisations? 
2. Demonstrated outcomes through commitment to reconciliation (40%)
What are the direct benefits/impact of the initiative? How does it contribute towards meaningful and lasting reconciliation? How does it contribute to relationships and respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people? If applicable, how is the initiative incorporated into the organisation’s overall culture? 

3. The initiative displays best practice engagement and feedback (and innovation if relevant) (10%)
Do you provide mechanisms for feedback and evaluation? How do you ensure meaningful feedback? How do you ensure Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people are not just consulted, but at the heart of the initiative and decision making?

4. Demonstrated sustainability and impact of project (10%)
Has, or will this initiative continue over many years? How many people were engaged through this initiative? How will it be integrated into the broader community and continue to have impact?

- Contact details for two referees who are not directly involved in the management or organisation of the nominee (at least one of whom must be a local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community member).

Please note: selected finalists will be required to submit the following by 1 May 2019 (photos are helpful in the selection process):

- Three photos relating to the nominated project/program/team (Min. resolution of 300 dpi - highest quality camera setting in a JPEG or TIF format) to be used in the finalist booklet. Please ensure appropriate permissions have been provided (note VLGA, ReconciliationVictoria, Local Government Victoria and Bank Australia would use this photo publicly, e.g. in the finalists booklet, in media releases and/or on a website).

- A logo of the nominated organisation and/or initiative (JPG/TIF) – for use in promotional material (will also be displayed in the finalist booklet).

At least one representative from the organisation is required to be available to attend the award ceremony in Melbourne on Friday 31 May 2019, during National ReconciliationWeek.