Media coverage

We have collated some of the key media coverage about Victorian Treaty progressions over the past few years.

Wendy Caccetta, "Victoria takes a step closer to state treaty" (National Indigenous Times, May 3, 2017)

Richard Frankland  "A treaty won't solve everything, but it could change this nation's cultural tapestry", The Guardian Newspaper, March 6, 2017. 

Clinton Benjamin, 'An Indigenous treaty would create a virtuous circle of self-determination'"The Guardian Newspaper, 8.2.2017. 

Rachel Hocking, "Challenges ahead for Victorian treaty negotiations" (NITV News, 14 December)

"Victorian Treaty Negotiations Unconscionable: Murray" National Indigenous Radio Service, November 21.

Tony McAvoy, "The time to push for a treaty is right now" (NITV, March 15, 2017) 

Liam McLoughlin "Treaty Yeah! Momentum Grows For National Agreements" (The New Matilda, 13th March 2016)  

Calla Wahlquist "Indigenous leaders praise Victoria's commitment to talk about treaty" (The Guardian March 3, 2016)

Nick Toscano "Victoria begins talks about Australia's first-ever treaty with Indigenous people", The Age, 27th February, 2016.




RecVic Briefing Papers:

RecVic's Guidelines Document: "CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM AND TREATY: Approach and Considerations for Victorian Local Reconciliation Groups " April 2017.

‘Pathways to Treaty:  Restoring the Reconciliation Roadmaps Ten Years on from CAR’. 2010


Additional Resources:  

FAQ Sheets developed for the Self Determination Website:

Treaty Factsheet

Self-Determination Factsheet

Research Papers/Presentations:

UNSW Treaty Project:  Why ‘ Treaty’ and Why This Project? - UNSW Issues Paper 1. and Resource List from Treaty Project UNSW :

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation: Recommendations of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

George Williams: 'Does True Reconciliation Require a Treaty?' Indigenous Law Bulletin (Jan/Feb Issue 8, Vol 10)

Marcia Langton, 'A Treaty Between Our Nations' Arena Magazine, 2000.

Does True Reconciliation Require a Treaty? - Intelligence Squared Debate. November 12, 2013

An Assembly of First Nations and a Treaty, Tony McAvoy, Native Title Conference, June 2014; presentation and further information.

Check out this NITV "Explainer", which explains what is a "treaty", some history and various viewpoints on treaty and Constitutional Recognition.

First Nations Women On Treaty: NITV program on merits of Treaty, it can be viewed on line till April 26th.  Speakers were Rosalie Kunoth-Monks - 2015 NT Australian of the Year (pictured), Brenda Croft, Natalie Cromb, Amala Groom, Amy McQuire, all First Nation Women. View the video here

Rosalie Kurnoth-Monks speaking at the First Nations on Treaty program. NITV, 27 March, 2015


Other organisations working in this space:

Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group

Treaty Republic Website 

Agreements, Treaties and and Negotiated Settlements Project

Indigenous Nation Building: Theory; Practice and its emergence in Australia’s public policy discourse. 

'concerned Australians' Treaty Messages and YouTube Video