Sorry Day 2018

Sorry Day 2018

National Reconciliation Week is immediately preceded by Sorry Day, on Saturday the 26th May. This is the anniversary of the handing down of the Bringing Them Home Report into the Stolen Generations, and an opportunity for us all to reflect, commemorate, heal and acknowledge the Stolen Generations and their families.The Bringing Them Home Report recommended that a National Sorry Day be held each year “to commemorate the history of forcible removals and its effects.”  

Just about every Aboriginal family in Australia today (with a higher percentage in Victoria due to the extent of colonisation) has been affected by past government policies that deliberately sought to assimilate Aboriginal people and destroy their culture. National Sorry Day is the time for those who were taken, and for the families who had children taken – to grieve, reflect and to be acknowledged.

It is also a time for all of us to show our love and respect to all the Stolen Generations across the country, to those who made it home, to those still searching and to those who never made it back home to their families, communities and traditional country.

For more information, resources and support services regarding the Stolen Generations please visit the following websites: Connecting Home, the Healing Foundation and Link-Up Victoria.

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters of Victoria.

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