About our Webinars

Our webinars are a free resource available to educators interested in embedding reconciliation into education.

Recent Webinar

Reconciliation in Education with Lisa Maloney

5 October 2023

Reconciliation Victoria hosted a webinar with special guest special guest Lisa Moloney (FIRE Carrier Program).

Rec Vic Education Officer, Sarah Joyce and Lisa discussed:

  • Reconciliation in Victorian schools.
  • How programs can support students to feel connected to First Nations’ knowledge and perspectives.
  • The 'FIRE Carrier' Program and how its content can be replicated to other programs

Past Webinars

Cultural perception in the Classroom with Arbup Peters

7 September 2023

Reconciliation Victoria hosted a webinar on how to address racism and embed culturally safe strategies and practices into classrooms.

For this session, Rec Vic's Education Officer, Sarah Joyce, was joined by special guest, Arbup Peters, Koorie Education Coordinator at the Department of Education and Training.

Voice to Parliament with Rueben Berg

17 August 2023

Special guest Rueben Berg, Co-Chair of the First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria discussed the Voice to Parliament Referendum and how to talk about it in the classroom and wider school community.

Rueben provides an understanding of a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament and talks to the important of progressing all three aspects of the Uluru Statement: Voice, Treaty and Truth.

Celebrating First Peoples Science in the Classroom

20 July 2023

For National Science Week, Reconciliation Victoria First Nations Project Officers, Claire Hyett (Gunaikurnai) and Jayde Hopkins (Gurundji, Woolwonga) presented a webinar on how to embed First Peoples' science into the classroom.

This webinar is a great resource for educators to incorporate First Peoples’ knowledge within STEM.  

Respectfully embedding First Nations perspectives in schools as allies

15 June 2023

Dr Kate Harvie, a non-Indigenous teacher and pre-service lecturer (Department of Education in Victoria), discussed:

  • The changes in the Victorian curriculum over time in relation to First Nations perspectives
  • "Ganma" and teacher memories
  • Steps teachers can take to embed culturally safe practices and ways to become a better ally.

Truth-telling in Education with the Yoorrook Justice Commission

25 May 2023

Reconciliation Victoria Education Officer Sarah Joyce was joined by Brent Ryan, Assistant Director, Education at the Yoorrook Justice Commission.

Learn more about the Yoorrook Justice Commission and practical ways to embed truth-telling in the classrooms.

National Reconciliation Week 2023: VIC Schools and Early Learning

3 May 2023

Reconciliation Victoria hosted a webinar for Victorian educators on how to bring the NRW 2023 theme: Be the Voice for Generations into the classroom or early learning service.

Starting Your Reconciliation Journey

25 February 2023

This webinar focuses on reconciliation in Victorian education with an introduction to Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Education program.

Reconciliation Victoria's Project Support Officer Claire Hyett was joined by Narragunnawali RAPs Community Senior Officer Esma Livermore.

Cultural Safety in the Classroom

8 December 2022

Reconciliation Victoria Education Officer and AJ Williams T-Chen from Girraway Ganyi had an interactive conversation on cultural safety in the classroom from a First Nations’ perspective.

Watch the Webinar.

Country, Connection and Reflection

24 November 2022

Reconciliation Victoria Education Officer Jo Drummond and Reconciliation Victoria Co-Chair Uncle Shane Charles reflected on connection to Country from a First Nations perspective.

Reconciliation Victoria and Narragunnawali

15 October 2022

Reconciliation Victoria was joined by Narragunnawali Senior Officer Julie Bover for a webinar on truth-telling and reconciliation in education.

Julie also discussed Narragunnwali's: Reconciliation in Education program.

Watch here.

Aboriginal Change Makers

19 May 2022

Rec Vic hosted a special webinar on the Aboriginal Change Makers resource with guest speakers:

  • Dr Lois Peeler OAM, Executive Director of Worawa College and creator of Aboriginal Change Makers
  • Dr Narelle Wood from Community Engagement Department, Parliament Victoria

Watch here.