How We Support Reconciliation Action Plans

Reconciliation Victoria is part of the Australian Reconciliation Network (ARN).

We work with Reconciliation Australia to support organisations, local governments, schools and early learning centres to develop meaningful Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP). 

The RAP Framework, developed by Reconciliation Australia enables organisations to embed meaningful reconciliation action both internally and within their local community.

Building on three key concepts – Relationships, Respect and Opportunities – RAPs are a tool that can help organisations contribute to a Victorian identity that promotes and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, equity, and self-determination.

Reconciliation Victoria provides the following RAP support:

Reconciliation Victoria CEO speaking at the Ya Yapaneyepuk Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Forum, April 2022.

Steps to Develop a RAP

The Reconciliation Action Plan program framework  has been developed and is facilitated by Reconciliation Australia, the national body for reconciliation in Australia.

The following steps can help guide organisations wanting to develop a RAP.

Step 1:  Submit an Expression of Interest

You can submit an expression of interest (EOI) through the Reconciliation Australia website.  Workplaces can be supported to develop one of four levels of RAP—Reflect, Innovate, Stretch or Elevate. Each level sets out the minimum elements required from your organisation to build strong relationships, respect, and opportunities with and for First Peoples within your organisation and community. Once you have submitted your EOI, Reconciliation Australia will provide you with further information and resources to inform you about RAPs and the RAP development process.

Step 2:  Register with Reconciliation Australia

Register your organisation through the registration portal. After a successful registration, Reconciliation Australia will provide you draft templates, a RAP-ID and additional resources for a draft RAP. You will then be able to begin engaging and consulting with First Peoples to develop your draft RAP actions and deliverables. After completing your first draft RAP, you will be required to submit your draft RAP via the RAP portal for review.

Step 3:  Engage with Reconciliation Victoria

The most important part of your RAP journey is to engage and consult with First Peoples to discuss and determine your reconciliation commitments and strategies.  Reconciliation Victoria plays an active role in brokering relationships between RAP organisations and Traditional Owners, First Nations leaders, services and businesses, and local reconciliation groups (24+ across Victoria). We are a widely connected Ally of First Peoples and we have a substantial supporter base and access to RAP resources.

By engaging with Reconciliation Victoria to develop and implement your RAP, we can support your organisation to connect with local people and places with shared interests in advancing reconciliation; and supporting respectful and meaningful relationships between First Peoples and non-Indigenous Australians.

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