Engaging with Reconciliation Victoria

There are several ways you can connect with Reconciliation Victoria on your RAP journey.

1. Become a Reconciliation Victoria member

As a Reconciliation Victoria member you are joining a state-wide network of organisations and individuals creating change and working towards a Victorian identity that reflects our true history and promotes and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, equity and self-determination.

Reconciliation Victoria can support you on your RAP journey and provide Victorian based knowledge and expertise to help you create meaningful change in your organisation.

Join our membership platform here.

2. Become a Reconciliation Victoria Moodji partner

If your organisation would like to strengthen your commitment to reconciliation, our Moodji (friendship– Gunditjmara) Partnership Packages provide you with the opportunity to collaborate further with Reconciliation Victoria.

Through an annual agreement, we can support your organisation through your RAP process and facilitate, and support your organisation to strengthen relationships, respect, and opportunities with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Find out more about our Moodji Partnership Packages.

3. Talk to us about our Reconciliation Victoria RAP workshops

Read more about our RAP workshops.