Reconciliation Victoria's AGM and Statewide Symposium - Ongoing Funding Announcement for RecVic.

It was announced on Saturday that there was multi-partisan support to continue the funding for Reconciliation Victoria for another 4 years. Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Tim Bull described the committment of $800,000 over four years as supporting RecVic to "continue its important work bringing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people together in lasting reconciliation. The work of Reconciliation Victoria will be especially important over the next few years given the Federal Government's proposal to hold a referendum to recognise Aboriginal people in the Commonwealth Constitution by 2017."

RecVic is pleased to see a return to multipartisan support for the important work that we do. We look forward to working with both parties in the future.

Vicki Clark, RecVic Co-Chair performs the Closing Ceremony. Photo: Barbara Oehring

Public Party Positions: Victorian Election 2014

RecVic has put together a paper detailing each of the major parties Indigenous Policy Platforms, including links to Indigenous Policy Frameworks for Victoria.

Follow this link to download the paper.

Reconciliation Victoria is the product of a people's movement. Following the work of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (CAR), Reconciliation Victoria Inc. was established in 2002 by a group of individuals keen to address the unfinished business of the 'Roadmap to Reconciliation'.

As the State peak body for Reconciliation, Reconciliation Victoria Inc. has focussed on leading the reconciliation process in Victoria by supporting the growth of Local Reconciliation Groups, promoting cultural awareness and education in the broader community, working with young people, developing strategic partnerships, and building the capacity of the organisation.

Reconciliation Victoria has played a vital role in educating the public on important issues relevant to Aboriginal Victorians. We can recognise the great disparity in outcomes between indigenous and non-indigenous people on health, education and employment, and seek to do better. Indeed, we must continue to push government and others to do better on these issues. However, we must also ensure that reconciliation is not just about services and outcomes. It is also about respect and recognition.

Reconciliation Victoria has championed the recognition of Aboriginal Victorians as the first Victorians, and the special place they have in our community. Respect for culture, land and heritage is something all Victorians must develop further.

Reconciliation Victoria plays a role in bringing together indigenous and non-indigenous Victorians to recognise and share what we have in common; and to work on a greater understanding of the issues that keep us apart.

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