Approaching 26 January Respectfully

Approaching 26 January Respectfully

Reconciliation Victoria strongly encourages councils, organisations, and individuals to reconsider their acknowledgement of this significant date to reflect the diversity of views that surround it. As we approach 26 January, we encourage councils to take the opportunity that 26 January provides to educate their municipality and to establish a strong culture of respect and understanding of our shared history.

No matter the approach to 26 January, it is important to be mindful of the weight that it carries for First Peoples. Cultural safety and awareness should be a priority for everyone on this date, and always. Ensure discussions around the date are handled sensitively and be mindful of cultural loading. Ensuring there are support systems available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples is vital to producing a culturally safe environment in which people feel safe, can freely affirm their identity, and where their needs are met.

Reconciliation Victoria is committed to promoting good practice by councils through our Maggolee website. We encourage councils who are changing their approach to 26 January to register their changes with our office so that we can better reflect the work of councils. We also encourage councils to utilise Maggolee as a resource for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Included on the site are resources about 26 January, Cultural Safety, Equitable Outcomes and more.

Read Reconciliation Victoria's Position Statement and Protocols and Suggestions.

January 26 Events

Reconciliation Victoria promotes state-wide events that recognise and pay respect to First Peoples culture, country, and history. We support truth-telling and events that honour and strengthen First Peoples stories and rightful place in Australia’s identity.

These events are family-friendly and encourage unity and respect for First Peoples, culture, and truth-telling about Australia’s history.

View 26 January Events.

Further Resources

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Belgrave Survival Day

Share the Spirit Festival

Annual Invasion Day March | Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters of Victoria.

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