The HART Awards

The HART (Helping Achieve Reconciliation Together) Awards celebrate and honour the efforts of local governments and community groups across Victoria to progress reconciliation in their communities.

Since the success of the inaugural Awards in 2014, each year has seen an impressive number of quality nominations. The stories of the finalists demonstrate that when Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples and organisations commit to meaningful, long-term, two-way relationships, we can achieve tremendous change. 

Reconciliation is not a static or generic term, but an approach which can be interpreted and utilised in a myriad of ways; its strength comes from the people involved and the commitment to deepen relationships based on mutual understanding, respect and genuine reconciliation.

Each year, we see more people engaged in reconciliation activities, local councils taking leadership, and community groups develop and champion initiatives that deserve to be shared.

We are inspired by the diversity of approaches across the state, empowering local communities and building strong relationships. Recent initiatives have ranged from memorials and markers to cultural trails and community gardens; from radio programs and festivals to sporting initiatives and health promotion; and from the development of resources and education initiatives to making local spaces culturally safe. You can read about these initiatives here.

In sharing these stories, we shine a light on the local initiatives and champions who are making a real difference in their communities and workplaces, so that others might take ideas and inspiration forward.

The HART Awards are delivered as a partnership between Reconciliation Victoria and the Victorian Local Governance Association and supported by Bank Australia and Local Government Victoria.