Reconciliation Victoria's Cultural Council of First Peoples was established in 2019 following the identified need to establish a formal structure for the accountability and guidance of Reconciliation Victoria with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

The Council ensures that our Board and our work are guided by the diverse range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples voices, knowledges, and backgrounds in Victoria. They keep us accountable to this guidance, and to our commitment to truth-telling, justice and self-determination under our guiding principles.

Meetings between the Council, Board, and CEO are held at least bi-annually (or as needed) to provide direction and advice on a range of contextual issues.

Role of the Council

The Cultural Council of First Peoples provide cultural knowledge, advice, and guidance to the Reconciliation Victoria Board and CEO. The purpose of the council is to:

  • Guide Reconciliation Victoria's engagement with the Victorian Aboriginal Community
  • Enhance the scope of cultural knowledge of Reconciliation Victoria
  • Guide Reconciliation Victoria to think deeply and differently to process options
  • Provide advice and guidance to Reconciliation Victoria in strategic work areas including: Education (schools and early learning), Local Government, Treaty Advancement, Community Engagement

First meeting of the Cultural Council of First Peoples in 2019

Reconciliation Victoria Cultural Council of First Peoples, staff members and Merri-bek City Council at the Ballerrt Mooroop (Strong Spirit) site.

Latest News

The health and safety of our Elders and our community are a top priority. As a result of this, and in line with COVID restrictions, the Cultural Council of First Peoples was unable to meet throughout 2020.

Rec Vic Cultural Council of First Peoples met on 10 March 2023 on Wurundjeri Country. Rec Vic CEO, Board members, staff and guests from Merri-bek Council and local surrounding schools gathered at the Ballerrt Moorroop (Strong Spirit) site in Glenroy.

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Financial Compensation

Reconciliation Victoria takes into account the multiple responsibilities Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have to their cultural obligations, both in their work roles and wider community responsibilities.

Council members are entitled to receive financial compensation and reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred when attending meetings.

Reconciliation Victoria encourages financial compensation for cultural knowledges and guidance as standard practice for all organisations and individuals. For further information email info@reconciliationvic.org.au

Reconciliation Victoria Cultural Council of First Peoples, Board Members and CEO meeting on 1 May 2021