There are many opportunties to experience the richness and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in Victoria, as showcased on our Facebook page and monthly in our eNews.

There is often a misperception that Aboriginal culture can only be experienced in remote areas of Australia when in fact there are many rich cultural experiences to be had right here in Victoria! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Cultural Awareness & Immersion Experiences

- Participate in Cultural Education and Walking Tours at Koorie Heritage Trust

- Travel on country. Check out some options on the Visit Victoria website and from our Previous Statewide Reconciliation Forum Tours on country.

- Know where you live, work and play by checking out our Maggolee website.

Dance, Theatre & Music

- Appreciate dance by watching a performance by Bangarra

- Go see a play at the Ilbijerri theatre

- Listen to Aboriginal musicians. Check out the Wikipedia page for Aboriginal musicians, and take a look at the Songlines website.  You can also directly support Aboriginal music labels such as Skinny Fish, Wantok Musik, CAAMA Music and Deadly Records. Explore the Black Australia playlist on Spotify to get a broad taste of great Aboriginal musicians.  

- Enjoy festivals and other events. Both the Tourism Australia and Songlines websites provide good starting points for festivals, in Victoria and nationally.  

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