Take Action

There are many ways in which you can take action to progress meaningful reconciliation. This list is just a starter - we'll continue to add ideas!

Support Aboriginal led campaigns, causes and organisations

- Support an Aboriginal controlled philanthropic cause, organisation or charity

- Understand and support campaigns, e.g. by signing petitions or pledges. Check out Close the GapFamily MattersRacism. It Stops With Me.Change the Record and the Redfern Statement

- Support Aboriginal-led solutions. Speak up, advocate, lobby… Use your voice to be an ally!

Organise and/or participate in reconciliation events

- Join or start a Local Reconciliation Group

- Attend a statewide reconciliation forum organised by Reconciliation Victoria

- Host a Reconciliation Film Club night

Lead by example in your workplace and community

- Understand the difference between an Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome to Country. Find opportunities to do an Acknowledgement of Country at your workplace and at community events, when appropriate

- Encourage your workplace to develop an engagement plan/strategy, such as Reconciliation Australia's RAP program, with consultation and guidance with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

- Work with your child's school or early childhood centre to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan and access resources through Narragunnwali

- Call out racism - be an upstander, not a bystander.
Check out the resources below:
Anti Racism Resources for Reconciliation Supporters

Anti Racism Resources for Educators

- Write or call your local council to ask what they are doing to progress reconciliation. Check out Maggolee for ideas on what local councils should be doing to work with local Aboriginal communities.

- Reflect on organisational white privilege - what it is and how your organisation can start to address it. Check out Bendigo Reconciliation Committee's paper on 'Identifying and Addressing Organisational White Privilege'.

Spend ethically

- Choose how you spend your money. Buy only authentic Aboriginal goods and support Aboriginal businesses.

Sign up to learn more

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