Get Informed 

Learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultures

- Find out on whose traditional land you live, work and play in Victoria through our Maggolee website

- Discover the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander cultures, histories and lived experiences through the Common Ground website.

- Proactively learn about Victoria's history and culture by attending the Koorie Heritage Trust;  Bunjilaka Museum;  and by speaking to Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Community members

- Learn Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, traditions, languages and stories, past and present from all across Australia at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

- Learn about and support the revival of Aboriginal languages through the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages

- Read books written by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors. Suggested starting points can be found on The Guardian’s Five Must Read Books list, The Culture Trip’s 7 Must Read Books, or on the Australia/New Zealand LitLovers Blog

- Visit Culture Victoria's website

- Ask a question and have Aboriginal Victorians answer through Deadly Questions and learn from the oldest continuous culture on earth.

Follow media from an Aboriginal perspective

- Tune into SBS NITV or read the Koorie Mail,  National Indigenous Times and IndigenousX for news, current affairs and entertainment from an Aboriginal perspective

Get up to date on Treaty and Constitutional Reform

- Visit the Victorian Treaty Advancement Committee website to learn more about the ongoing Victorian Treaty process.

- Learn about Treaty and Constitutional Reform through the Aboriginal Victoria and Referendum Council websites

Learn more about reconciliation in Australia

- Explore the Reconciliation Australia website, read the State of Reconciliation in Australia report and the 2016 Australian reconciliation barometer summary

- Explore Reconciliation Australia's Share Our Pride website

- Explore Amnesty International's work on reconciliation

Learn about the Stolen Generations and their descendants

- Explore a range of Healing Foundation resources to learn about Stolen Generations, including resources on intergenerational trauma

- Watch the Healing Foundation webinar to learn about the impact of Intergenerational Trauma and lived experiences of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and strategies for creating positive intergenerational change

- Learn about the alarming levels of economic and social disadvantage still faced by the Stolen Generations and their descendants today in the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report

-Explore the services available to The Stolen Generations for reconnecting with family and culture - including Link-Up Victoria and Connecting Home.

Understand how to be a respectful ally 

- Inform yourself on how you can be a respectful ally to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people through the resource Decolonising Solidarity

 - Understand more about white privilege at

- Learn about identifying white race privilege from an Australian perspective from Jenny Tannoch-Bland's book 'Bringing Australia Together: The Structure and Experience of Racism in Australia'

Click here for some ideas about how you can take action