Local Reconciliation Groups

Throughout both metropolitan and regional Victoria, Reconciliation Victoria supports and works closely with a network of Local Reconciliation Groups (LRGs), which are active in promoting cultural awareness, understanding and education in their local communities.  The LRGs organise a range of events and activities such as local forums, film nights, concerts, cultural tours and walks, talks at local schools, art exhibitions and information displays.  Many groups work closely with local government and schools to promote reconcilation as well as greater awareness of Aboriginal history and culture.

The existing local groups are listed below.  If you'd like to form a new group email us at info@reconciliationvic.org.au or phone 9016 0657

Bass Coast/South Gippsland Reconciliation Group

Primary Contact
Marg Lynn
Ph: 0419361039
Email: marglynn@tpg.com.au

Follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BassCoastSouthGippslandReconciliation

Bendigo Reconciliation Committee

Primary Contact
Stephanie Armstrong
Email: sarmstrong611@yahoo.com.au

Secondary Contact
John Bonnice
Email: john.bonnice@anglicarevic.org.au

The group meets monthly at Anglicare Victoria-St Luke’s Region Mundy St site.  We have a wide representation of members both Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal people on the group.  These people represent the agency they work for or are community members.

The group focus is looking at what’s happening in Bendigo regarding Reconciliation, organising events relating to raising awareness of and strengthening Reconciliation in Bendigo.


Boroondarra ANTaR

Primary Contact
David Crawford
Ph: 9859 3536
Email: dcrawford_2004@yahoo.com.au

Secondary Contact
Michel Beuchat
Ph: 9859 5840
Email: mbeuchat@beuchats.com

Castlemaine ANTaR

Primary Contact
Vic Say
Ph: 5472 1841
Email: sayvf@castlemaine.net

Concerned Australians

Primary Contact
Georgina Gartland
Ph: 0412 396 388
Email: gegart21@gmail.com

Without justice there can be no reconciliation

Dandenong Ranges

Primary Contact
Kathryn Nauta
Email: nauta.kathryn@gmail.com

Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group

Primary Contact

Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group aims to foster and promote reconciliation in the region. “One Fire” reflects our desire to achieve the meeting of people “around the fire” in mutual respect and understanding.

Our objectives are to consult with Aboriginal Elders and community to develop policies, recommendations and action plans in pursuit of the following:

  • Actively promote reconciliation in the Geelong region;
  • Raise public awareness of Aboriginal history and culture, and of Aboriginal issues such as health, housing, employment, education and cultural heritage preservation;
  • Work with all levels of government to identify and overcome issues contributing to Aboriginal disadvantage in health, well-being and opportunity;
  • Work with the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative to address local Aboriginal issues;
  • Promote the integration of Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal history within the various educational bodies of the region.

One Fire and Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative have worked together to develop the fabulous www.djillong.net.au website, which was developed by Uncle David Tournier with support of One Fire member, Glenda MacNaughton.

Macedon Ranges Local Reconciliation Group

Primary Contact
Jenny Lonergan
Email: mrreconciliation@gmail.com

Secondary Contact
Dennis Franklin
Email: dennis.c.franklin@gmail.com

Marngrook in Mainstream Inc

Primary Contact
Jim Poulter
Ph: 03 9842 3598
Email: jimpoulter@bigpond.com

A new reconciliation group has now been established called ‘Marngrook in Mainstream Inc.’ (MiM) The purpose of the group is simply to promote reconciliation by playing the traditional Aboriginal football game of Marngrook at school and community levels. This includes playing demonstration games at public occasions such as local festivals and AFL and other football league match days. Through the process of playing Marngrook it is intended to imbue participants with the traditional Aboriginal behavioural protocols and values that underlie the game, thus giving participants and observers a deeper appreciation of traditional culture in a contemporary context.


We want to establish MiM as a network organisation that will provide opportunities to train up Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men, women and youth in the conduct of the game and provide a support structure to local groups interested in promoting the playing of the game. We will be offering great sponsorship opportunities to the business and corporate world and welcome anyone interested in being part of a broad membership base to contact us. We also welcome local reconciliation groups and others to contact us with opportunities to showcase the game in their local area.


The chair of the new committee is Wurundjeri Elder Uncle Bill Nicholson, with the other founding committee members being Daniel Carter, Francis Ellis, Bram Morton and Jim Poulter.

A website will soon be up and running to provide contact details so check www.marngrookinmainstream.org.au


Maroondah Movement for Reconciliation

Primary Contact
Bob Heaton
Ph: 9723 1646
Email: rjheaton@optusnet.com.au

Monash Reconciliation Group

Primary Contact
Marjory Walker
Email: mrg2009@live.com.au

Secondary Contact
Felicity Smith
Ph: 8503 7942
Email: felicityjts@gmail.com

Moonee Valley Reconciliation Group

Primary Contact
Michelle Isles
Email: michelleisles13@gmail.com

Nillumbik Reconciliation Group

Primary Contact
Jan Aitken
Ph: 9439 0342 / 0407 682
Email: aitken59@bigpond.net.au

Secondary Contact
Diana Warrell
Ph: 9439 8565
Email: dcwarrell@bigpond.com

The Nillumbik Reconciliation Group grew out of an Advisory Committee delegated by the Nillumbik Shire Council to arrange a ceremony promoting Reconciliation.  As a result of that Committee's recommendations, a formal document of Acknowledgement, Apology and Commitment was presented by the Council to Wurundjeri Elders at Gayip (the Woiwurrung word for an inter-clan gathering or ceremony) in May 1998 at Wingrove Park.

In 2008 the Council unanimously passed a Reconciliation Charter setting a Reconciliation framework for all Shire initiatives and activities. NRG continues to work with Council on an Action Plan promoting Reconciliation in Nillumbik.

For further information visit http://www.nrg.org.au/

Port Phillip Citizens for Reconciliation

Primary Contact
Rosemary Rule
Ph: 9699 8804
Email: rosemary.rule@gmail.com

Port Phillip Citizens for Reconciliation Inc. (PPCfR) is a voluntary community group affiliated with Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation (ANTaR) Victoria.

We receive funds from, and work closely with, the City of Port Phillip, participate in events such as Sorry Day, NAIDOC Week, local community festivals, host talks and publish Mungo, an informative monthly newsletter.

Meetings are held at 6.30pm on the third Tuesday each month in The Community Hub attached to the South Melbourne in Fishley Street, and are open to all.  www.ppcfr.org

Queenscliff Reconciliation Mob

Primary Contact
Jo Whitehead
Ph: 5258 1722
Email: guku@aapt.net.au

Secondary Contact
John Murray
Ph: 5258 4397

Reconciliation Banyule

Primary Contact
Terry Makin
Ph: 0409 805579
Email: tdmakin@bigpond.net.au

Secondary Contact
Peter Harvey
Ph: 9499 2005
Email: harveypet@gmail.com

Reconciliation Banyule holds a monthly meeting and film night on first Monday of the month at 7:30 pm, Ivanhoe Uniting Church, 19 Seddon Street, Ivanhoe.  Info: Peter Harvey 9499 2005

Website: http://www.reconciliationbanyule.org.au/

Reconciliation Manningham

Primary Contact
Jim Poulter
Ph: 9842 3598
Email: jpoulter@aapt.net.au

Secondary Contact
Bridget Halge
Ph: 9812 0588
Email: halgeb@optusnet.com.au

RECONCILIATION MANNINGHAM is a small group of committed people – Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal – working to advance reconciliation through partnership between Aboriginal people and all others who have subsequently made Australia their home. We have an organising committee, volunteers, partners and friends. You are welcome to participate.

Website: www.reconciliation-manningham.org.au


  • Promote respect for and pride in our Australian Aboriginal culture and heritage
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the historical and contemporary issues affecting our Aboriginal communities.
  • Work in collaboration and consultation with Aboriginal people, organisations and Elders, Manningham City Council, local schools, community groups and other reconciliation groups
  • Develop activities, programs, events and services that directly involve, support and include Aboriginal people

Reconciliation Stonnington

Primary Contact
Keith Gove
Ph: 9819 9106
Email: kgove@ozemail.com.au

Secondary Contact
Ro Bailey
Ph: 9819 9106
Email: ro.celebrant@ozemail.com.au

Shepparton Region Reconciliation Group

Primary Contact
Dierdre Robertson
Ph: 5821 6600 / 5854 836
Email: respect@mcmedia.com.au

TR@K Towards Reconciliation at Knox

Primary Contact
Ray Higgs
Ph: 9758 1009 (h) 9554 8
Email: higgzes@optusnet.com.au

Whitehorse Friends for Reconciliation

Primary Contact
Howard Tankey
Ph: 9898 2514
Email: howardtankey@bigpond.com

Whittlesea Reconciliation Group

Primary Contact
Donna Wright
Ph: 9217 2159
Email: aboriginalofficer@whittlesea.vic.gov.au


‘The Whittlesea Reconciliation Group acknowledges the Wurundjeri Willum people as the traditional custodians of this land’


The vision of the WRG is a connected community respecting Aboriginal people as the first peoples of Australia, their history and culture through actions supporting reconciliation.


The purpose of the WRG is to operate as a key reference group to Council and create opportunities to increase understanding of Aboriginal people and Aboriginal culture by bringing all people together to support reconciliation.



The Whittlesea Reconciliation Group (WRG) seeks to:

•       ensure that Aboriginal people have a voice

•       build networks and relationships within and across communities

•       educate local communities

•       foster awareness of reconciliation initiatives

•       provide opportunities for community cultural celebrations

•       support and acknowledge local individuals and organisations in their reconciliation initiatives

Whittlesea Reconciliation Group website

Yarra Ranges ANTaR

Primary Contact
Joyce Dodge
Ph: 9726 6627
Email: gjdodge@alphalink.com.au

Yarra Ranges ANTaR works in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including the Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Ranges (formerly known as Casey ANTaR).